Monthly Archives: September 2010

Another Great Scam from EVE Online

Stories like this make me wish I had the time (and obsessive tendencies) to play EVE Online.  Any MMO that has a legitimate economist on staff definitely piques my interest.  I love the free-for-all nature of the game, and I read about the crazy exploits of its users with an almost voyeuristic glee. If the […]

Not Sure If Want

The Dark Tower series, as a whole, is one of my all-time favorite books.  I’ve read through the first three books six times (damn the huge gap between books three and four…), all seven books three times, and I’ll likely read through them more as the years go on.  The idea of a movie or […]

Language Skillz

I can only hope to one day have command of the English language at this level: I actually get confused when I look at it. I know about “the graphics,” at least from a terminology perspective, because any vein of jargon is my delight. I like reading really weird crap and pretending that I understand […]