Motorcycles and Manual Labor

I just started reading Shop Class as Soulcraft, and I’m already a fan.

Seeing a motorcycle about to leave my shop under its own power, several days after arriving in the back of a pickup truck, I suddenly don’t feel tired, even though I’ve been standing on a concrete floor all day. Through the portal of his helmet, I think I can make out the edges of a grin on the face of a guy who hasn’t ridden his bike in a while.  I give him a wave.  With one of his hands on the throttle and the other on the clutch, I know he can’t wave back.  But I can hear his salute in the exuberant “bwaaAAAAP! blum-blum” of a crisp throttle, gratuitously revved.  That sound pleases me, as I know it does him.  It’s a ventriloquist conversation in one mechanical voice, and the gist of it is “Yeah!”

That description makes me smile from both sides of the interaction.

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