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Election Night

So I don’t often (if ever) get political here, but tonight matters too much to just let it slide by. Obama’s victory is huge, but there’s tons of smaller victories across the board that might get lost in the presidential shuffle. Todd Akin lost. Richard Mourdock lost. Elizabeth Warren won. Tammy Baldwin won. Gay marriage […]

Rally to Restore Sanity

This past weekend, I was down in DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity.  My general feeling is that it was a lot of fun and a strong show of support for moderation, but the criticisms of it being somewhat undirected are valid. Matt and I started the day off at the Donor’s Choose booth […]

Not Sure If Want

The Dark Tower series, as a whole, is one of my all-time favorite books.  I’ve read through the first three books six times (damn the huge gap between books three and four…), all seven books three times, and I’ll likely read through them more as the years go on.  The idea of a movie or […]

Language Skillz

I can only hope to one day have command of the English language at this level: I actually get confused when I look at it. I know about “the graphics,” at least from a terminology perspective, because any vein of jargon is my delight. I like reading really weird crap and pretending that I understand […]

Hello World

I regularly read about how one of the most important things a graduate student can do is write.  The topic matters less than the actual act of writing and becoming comfortable with the process.  To that end, this site will be a bit of a dumping ground for my thoughts and words, both short link […]