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I finally got around to playing FTL during the downtime here at SXSW, and good lord, it’s as good as I’ve heard. There’s some annoyances to it, but it’s one hell of a roguelike. Figured I’d take the time to actually post about it now that I’ve had my first win. Engi Cruiser Type A, […]

The Walking Dead

Quick note: I’m talking about the game here, not the show or the comics. So I just finished the final episode of the first season, and holy shit. Telltale Games knocked this one straight out of the park. I almost hesitate to call it a game as such, because it really feels like an interactive […]

The Binding of Isaac and Difficulty Curves

The Binding of Isaac is one of the best games that I’ve played in years. It takes some good things from roguelikes, some good things from action role-playing games, and some good things from twin-stick shooters, throws them in a blender, and delivers an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. With over 200 hours […]

Another Great Scam from EVE Online

Stories like this make me wish I had the time (and obsessive tendencies) to play EVE Online.  Any MMO that has a legitimate economist on staff definitely piques my interest.  I love the free-for-all nature of the game, and I read about the crazy exploits of its users with an almost voyeuristic glee. If the […]

Language Skillz

I can only hope to one day have command of the English language at this level: I actually get confused when I look at it. I know about “the graphics,” at least from a terminology perspective, because any vein of jargon is my delight. I like reading really weird crap and pretending that I understand […]

My Favorite GTA-Style Game to Date

Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to 2004’s Red Dead Revolver, follows in the footsteps of the Grand Theft Auto games, presenting a large open world in which the player has a central storyline and countless side missions. Also in the vein of the GTA games, the player can wreak havoc throughout the world or play […]

It’s All About the Fall

Limbo, an indie title released on Xbox Live Arcade, is all about the slow descent through an absolutely horrible place. It’s harsh, sometimes startling, vastly unsatisfying, and almost perfect. This game is minimal at its best. There is no exposition, no words (aside from one larger-than-life sign), no real soundtrack, no tutorials. Everything you need […]